This Coming-of-Age Day saw 1 to 8 foreign new adults in Tokyo 23 Wards. (the Japan Times)

Pls Don’t Panic

Dear Foreign Nationals Currently Residing in Japan,

Your Alien Registration Certificate expires before July 8th, 2015? If so, please take it easy. Newly announced residency management system will NOT matter to you at all. The certificate in your possession continues to work.

Even if you need to stay after above date, just calm down and consult us. We have enough time to do necessary procedures. RIKI Office is always ready to help you.




Thank you so much for your intention to visit Japan. Would you make a business trip? Are you interested in Kyoto temples? Or would you study at Japanese universities? Every one of you needs to have a Status of Residence to stay in our country.

There are 24 Status of Residences for new applicants. Immigration Bureau of Japan will choose the most suitable status for you. You would (i) apply for Certificate of Eligibility, a document in which a Status of Residence is provided, (ii) visit the nearest Embassy or Consulate General of Japan with your Certificate of Eligibility, and (iii) receive your visa. It takes approximately one month until a Certificate of Eligibility is delivered.

Basically, you need to appear in person at the office of Immigration Bureau, fill in the application form for Certificate of Eligibility and submit other necessary documents. It would force you to make many return trips between your country and Japan; you have to serve much of your precious time and money.

In addition, offices of the Immigration Bureau are always crowded. It is almost impossible to make an appointment with the officers. Long-time wait before 5-minute meeting—if you could not afford careful preparation, they would ask you to come again. Repetitions of such conversation make nothing to go forward.

RIKIMARU Office would alleviate your financial, mental burden. We are ready to support you in complicated document making, communication with Immigration Bureau and other related matters to win your Certificate of Eligibility.

March 2023