RIKI’s foreign friends who have visited and/or stayed in Japan gave comments on following questions:

1. At the Embassy/General Consulate of Japan in your country, were the staffs in charge kind and friendly enough?

— They were very nice. In my memory, the staff in charge always asked questions or explained with a smile. (Chinese, M, 30’s)

— They were nice and polite, giving me guidance carefully, friendly and sincerely. (Vietnamese, F, 20’s)

— They were nice, well experienced. (Chinese, M, 40’s)

— They were so-so … It is long time ago, I couldn’t remember. It was a short-time communication with the staff. (Thai, M, 20’s)

— They were very nice, friendly enough for everyone. (Chinese, F, 30’s)

— They were nice. Compare to other embassy staffs, they were very polite and responsible. In my opinion they work as Japanese standard. (Mongolian, F, 30’s)


2. At Narita International Airport, was the immigration inspector who interviewed you kind and friendly enough?

— The immigration inspector who interviewed me was a gentleman. When I entered the entrance of the customhouse, I showed my passport to him. After carefully checking it he said to me with a smile, “it’s OK, welcome to Japan!”. (Chinese, M, 30’s)

— They welcomed us nicely, interviewed friendly in a short time. (Vietnamese, F, 20’s)

— They were nice, well trained. (Chinese, M, 40’s)

— They were so-so, it is long time ago … (Thai, M, 20’s)

— They were very nice, have friendly attitudes and working-hard spirits. (Chinese, F, 30’s)

— They were nice. I think, may be everywhere in Japan, the staffs working hard. (Mongolian, F, 30’s)

— I felt always comfortable through the procedures for coming to Japan. (Tunisian, M, 50’s)


3. Life in Japan:

  • What is the most surprising/shocking for you?

— My first impression is that Japan looks like a bonsai managed by an industry gardener, it is very beautiful, clean and orderly. (Chinese, M, 30’s)

— Accommodation is very good. We were welcomed anywhere with smile, especially in the supermarket. All Japanese people we had met were very kind. If we need any information or things, they help patiently and enthusiastically. Japanese women are not only very kind, sincere, easy to communicate but also very good at cooking, sewing, making their places more beautiful. That is so impressive. (Vietnamese, F, 20’s)

— They are clean. (Chinese, M, 40’s)

— The cost of living in Japan was very high, but I understand that products and services meet the high quality. (Thai, M, 20’s)

— Japanese culture! Everything is different from other countries. Japan is different. (Mongolian, F, 30’s)


  • What is the most disappointing for you?

— They have some bias. (Chinese, M, 40’s)

— Japanese people never stop using Japanese language. It was inconvenience for us to go outside the university or institute. (Thai, M, 20’s)


  • What is the biggest difference between your country and Japan?

— Life/working styles. (Chinese, M, 30’s)

— The weather, food, and living costs. (Thai, M, 20’s)

— Cultural difference. (Chinese, M, 40’s)

— The level of scientific management and good humanistic environment. (Chinese, F, 30’s)

— Your social life is very much standardized, but we are somewhat wild. (Mongolian, F, 30’s)


4. Would you like to visit our country again?

— Yes, to visit old friends and join the academic exchange. (Chinese, M, 30’s)

— Yes, because I love Japanese people and their culture. I can learn more for my carrier. (Vietnamese, F, 20’s)

— Yes, with no special reasons. (Chinese, M, 40’s)

— Absolutely. People were friendly, many romantic and beautiful places, peace and hospitality, safe food and good taste, good weather. Unforgettable memories I have. (Thai, M, 20’s)

— Yes, I have friends and teachers in Japan, thanking them for the care and help to me. I miss them. (Chinese, F, 30’s)

— Yes, I would like cycling with my family and visit many places. (Mongolian, F, 30’s)

May 2023
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