How to Visit

If you are to visit Japan from now, these 3 items below are necessary.


VISA →2*



1*: Do you have a PASSPORT?

If you DO, could you please …

  • check the DATE OF EXPIRY of your passport.
  • contact the EMBASSY/GENERAL CONSULATE OF JAPAN in your country. You may need to extend the duration of your passport.

If you do NOT, could you please contact a governmental office which issues passports in your country. Passport is the very first step to enter Japan.


2*: Do you need a VISA to enter Japan? Please check it at MOFA.

If your home country is included in the list of visa exemption arrangement, you are normally NOT required to obtain a visa.

If your home country is not in this agreement, or you would …

  • engage in paid activities in Japan,
  • stay in Japan for longer than the period stipulated in the arrangement between your home country and Japan,

you NEED to obtain a VISA.

Memo: Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau are currently in the Visa Exemption Agreement with Japan. This network of friendship is expanding little by little, as Thai and Bruneian guests for 15-day stay would not need visas from July, 2013.


3*: Have you already purchased a TICKET for Japan?

If you would use an aircraft, please check your arriving airport. Our 3 biggest international airports follow:

1. Tokyo (=Narita/Haneda)

… Access to the northeastern Japan including Tokyo, Yokohama, Sendai, Sapporo, etc.

2. Kansai

… Access to the southwestern Japan including Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Shikoku Island, Fukuoka, etc.

3. Chubu

… Access to the central Japan including Nagoya, Nagano, etc.

If you would use a vessel, please check your arriving port. Our 3 biggest ports for passengers follow:

1. Tokyo

2. Kobe

… Access to the southwestern Japan including Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Shikoku Island, etc.

3. Kita-Kyushu

… Access to Kyushu Island including Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Okinawa Prefecture, etc.


FYI: Working Holiday

Working holiday program would be available for young foreigners of 18-25 (or 30) years old, with nationality of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Up to one year stay in Japan and part-time job would be allowed.


May 2023
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