Visa-related Matters


If visas are exempted for your nationals, as well as your stay would be within the term of visa-exemption, you would have “Temporary Visitor” status. Complex procedures stated below are not necessary.

However, in other cases, it is requisite to obtain visas. Status of Residence is one of the most important items to be entered in visas.

There are 26 types in Status of Residence for new applicants as listed below;


1. Diplomat

2. Official

3. Professor

4. Artist

5. Religious Activities

6. Journalist


7. Highly Skilled Professional

8. Investor/Business Manager

9. Legal/Accounting Services

10. Medical Services

11. Researcher

12. Instructor

13. Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services

14. Intra-company Transferee

15. Entertainer

16. Skilled Labor

17. Technical Intern


18. Cultural Activities

19. Temporary Visitor


20. Student

21. Trainee

22. Dependent


23. Designated Activities


24. Spouse or Child of Japanese National

25. Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident

26. Long-term Resident


1 and 2 would be given to those who are invited by the Japanese Government, while 3-6 are your current professions. Therefore, Immigration Bureau of Japan will choose the most suitable status for you among 7-26.

In order to obtain a visa, you would (i) apply for Certificate of Eligibility (7-2)*, a document in which a Status of Residence is provided, (ii) visit the nearest Embassy or Consulate General of Japan with your Certificate of Eligibility, and (iii) receive your visa. It takes approximately one month until a Certificate of Eligibility is delivered.

Basically, you need to appear in person at an office of Immigration Bureau, fill in the application form for Certificate of Eligibility and submit other necessary documents. It would force you to make many return trips between your country and Japan; you have to serve much of your precious time and money.

In addition, offices of the Immigration Bureau are always crowded. It is almost impossible to make an appointment with officers. Long-time wait before 5-minute meeting—if you could not afford careful preparation, they would ask you to come again. Repetitions of such conversation make nothing to go forward.

RIKIMARU Office would alleviate your financial, mental burden. We are ready to support you in complicated document making, communication with the Immigration Bureau and other related matters to win your Certificate of Eligibility.

First of all, please inform us on your purpose of stay in Japan. Type and number of required documents depend on it. In the second place, please collect documents available in your country and send them to us. That is all you have to do. You will be able to continue your normal life at home, waiting for arrival of your Certificate of Eligibility by post.

As for confidentiality, RIKI Office is approved by the Immigration Bureau of Japan. Your private information will be totally protected. It will be exclusively used for above business.

Please note that the Immigration Bureau could result in a rejection of your landing in Japan: Certificate of Eligibility may not be delivered. Your kind understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

May 2023
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